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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Sunday, 10 February 2013

My Oldest Collection

Hi gents,
As we head towards the 100,000 views I thought it would be fitting to get my oldest collection out for some shots these were painted by me in the 90's with the odd figure by Stephen Deeley who is a master of heraldry. The figures are mostly 15mm Essex one of their best collections in my opinion.Thanks to all over you who have taken the time to stop by and have a browse it has been nice sharing these images with you all!!
Pilgrim or merchant painted by me.

Peter DE Druex painted by Stephen for 15mm this is incredible.
Mass of knights by me again
Hospitallers by me
Knights Templar's Teutonic and St Lazarus again by me
Assassins allies and enemies of the Templars
Crusader camp
Monk ready to do Gods work!
Mass of crossbow
More Saracens
Some of the 28mm figures that I am working on at present unfortunetly my painting isnt as good as it once was!
I am Jerusalem

Another favourite Simon DE Montfort in the red again painted by Stephen.

Last shot of those Knights all my own work here.
If I could only own one collection this would be it but would change it all to 28mm.I find it perverse that the collection I most want still eludes me in 28mm. I am still waiting for specific figures for the 3rd Crusade maybe one day the Perry's will add to their range to cover the changes in armour until then I will have to make do with these lovely little figures!
Best Wishes


  1. Nice walk back in time. The hand-painted heraldry is first-class. Best, Dean

  2. Very nice collection Willie !

    Best regards Michael

  3. These are great, wish I was painting that good at any time!

    If your not painting as good as you once did you are still producing stunning work


  4. A maelstrom of colors, beautiful figurines and talent ...

  5. Gorgeous - I wouldn't think these were in 15mm!

  6. Wonderful work from your amazing collection! And congrats on hitting the 6 figure mark.

    The story of Saladin v. Richard the Lionheart is one of my favorites. Just this week, I was telling my kids how Richard fought from the front and how Saladin send a handpicked bunch of warriors to kill him...and failed!

  7. Great work, Willie. I always enjoy your display of the model painter's skill. Thanks.

  8. Great stuff Willie, still looking good.

  9. Lovely stuff Willie.
    Like you, my oldest army is medieval, though in 25mm. I never had the courage to try heraldry in 15mm. What you've achieved in that scale is remarkable.

  10. They might be your oldest but they are a superb collection Willie.
    Congrats with the 100,000 on the horizon.

  11. Oldies but goldies!
    it's incredible that some are only 15mm !
    superb figures, great painting job: perfect!