Sunday, 21 September 2014

Behind the city walls

Hi gents,

Still quietly progressing with the Crusades collection trying my best not to get distracted onto other periods.
At present I am having some terrain built to represent Acre. I also needed to acquire suitable buildings for the city behind the wall .after a bit of searching I came up with these from Kobblestone  in the states.
 The buildings arrived on Friday after an eight week wait (sent surface mail) but well worth the wait as the buildings are perfect for what I am after.The Mosque came with a crescent on the dome but this had came off during transit which lead me to think I will leave it removable so this can be changed to a cross or crescent depending on who is besieging who at any given point .
The buildings are to be sent down to Dave Marshall of TM Terrain for painting

I couldn't resist setting this lot up.

Nice little extras like this canopy on the roof will add to the character.

it is very much still a work in progress with a lot of basing of the minis still to be done.

Acre a bit like Glasgow on a Friday night.

i have enough civillans to make the city look populated for the Crusader side still need more for the Saracens

The Knights of St lasurus with a quite distinct banner painted by Dave Jarvis

I think these will look great once painted up.

I will post these again once they have been painted up and set on the new terrain which may be complete for October.The new terrain will have the city walls and a harbour along with a small village out side the walls.A few more boats and ships required for the harbour.If I can get enough done for next year I may ask one of the Scottish clubs if I could display it at one of their shows with the interest in Cross and Crescent at present it might interest a few gamers and would force me to finish the basing of the figures!

Once again thanks for taking the time to have a look
Best wishes


  1. That will look amazing - heck it looks amazing now!


  2. Fantastic figures - great imagination. Gonna look very nice with the buildings completed. ell worth waiting for!

  3. Excellent, inspired and beautiful the comparison between Glasgow and Acre!

    1. Thanks Phil Glasgow has changed quite a b it for the better but I do remember a few nights that resembled a medieval melee

  4. Looking forward to seeing it in all of its painted glory.
    What ranges are all of the Civilians from?

    1. The civis are from foundry mirliton crusader and Perry maybe a few others

  5. Great and more great stuff, Willie!

  6. As if we didn't have enough reason to envy you!

  7. I love your collection.
    All those extra civilians really ads character and life to board.

    I think the whole switching of crosses and crescents on the buildings will work out fine.

    1. Thanks i have enjoyed watching your own collection grow

  8. Fantastic stuff as usual, Willie! I've been eyeing those Kopplestone Middle-Eastern buildings myself, for use as 1841-42 Kabul, so I'm very excited to see how they look once they've been painted. I recall you mentioning having some bespoke Crusader terrain being built for you some time ago, and I remember being very excited to see how it would turn out. Hearing about the harbor I'm even more excited!

    With regards to Arab/Muslim civilians, you may very well already have them on hand, but just in case you don't, Eureka in Australia has a somewhat extensive range of Arab and Indian civilians, including several small merchant and street-life vignettes brimming with character, and one big "Middle Eastern Harem" set.

    1. Hi Ethan i do have some of the Eureka civis but may have to revisit these as they were painted by Tony of the War office so the painting styles wont match.
      The buildings are now with Dave at TM terrain so they may appear there before here Dave is working on the city walls and harbor at present
      21 terrain boards all told so should look the part.

    2. "21 terrain boards"?!?!?!

      The mind BOGGLES!

      May I inquire as to their dimensions...?

  9. Great looking buildings Willie. I bought some stuff from this company two years and I was very impressed.



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