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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Monday 25 February 2013

Some Peninsular conversions

Hi gents,

Feels like ages since I last posted been very busy of late.The Friday previous to the last one I received a text from the wife asking if I would help paint our sons room 3:30pm.When I got home I realised that she meant that night,She had managed to break his bed while moving it for me to paint the walls.So on my return home I had to dismantle one unit which housed his TV and games put his bed back together and then paint the walls.Next day it was a trip to Ikea for new units fit his TV to the wall and a trip to the dump with his old units,I had to laugh when on the Sunday my wife who had left me to it said we did that really quick and it was no bother to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I came across the idea for these conversions in WSS  the work of Bill Gaskin perry miniatures with some head swaps.

Some versitile civillans.

Brigade games Dragoons

Another brigade games gurrilla.

An Empress figure this time painted as a 95th rifleman.

Now these are Bicorne on Front Rank horses.

French Gendarmes painted as Spanish

Plastic rifle added here.

Dave Jarvis did the brush work.

Another Empress mini lying prone fireing.

Spanish firing line.

Last shot Perry mini with a Eureaka head.
Thats all for now folks thanks for stopping by!
Best wishes



  1. Beautiful figures (I must try to get mentioned in your will!).

    The decorating thing is simply a married man's occupational hazard. Don't fret, it'll happen again (and again and again . . .).


    1. That,s the worry CJ she said the other rooms now look tired!

  2. All very, very cool figures/conversions. I like that Spanish piper - I think I've seen him in a book before. Best, Dean

    1. Dean
      Bill Gaskin did a version in Wargames Soldiers and Strategey they may have appeared a book also!

  3. Fantastic work, as always!

  4. Terrific work! My wife only has to threaten to paint to get me decorating (she manages to get more paint on the carpet than the walls!).

  5. Beautiful figures love the two 95th laying down!

  6. Great job Willie, those Empress miniatures are proving wonderfully versatile.

  7. Nice work. The conversions are great.

  8. Greate work Willie both with the minis and the sons room;)

    Best regards Michael

  9. Hi Willie,

    some good ideas and very nice conversion. Well done!


  10. My wife is a bit of a dab hand with decorating so apart from helping out with the prep work she doesn't trust me with a paint brush.
    Superb conversion work, which gives you a wonderfully unique collection.

  11. Every single shot looks like it was taken from a picture in some museum. Stunning work and presentation as always.


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