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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Thursday, 24 January 2019

15mm Crusades collection for sale Now Sold

I have been having a bit of a look through my collections and have come to the conclusion that it is now time to clear out some of the surplus.
 One of the collections that will be going is this 15mm crusades collection painted by me and a few others some time ago.
There is a lot to this collection both Crusaders and Saracen armies  including Knights Templar / St John/Lazarus and Teutonic Knights also King Richard /Saladin and the Assassin's  it comes with a Castle a village and an Oasis.Also baggage Monks and Bishops along with a few more personalities.
If seriously interested get in touch and I can put a full list together the pics below give a flavour of what's on offer.
Pilgrim or merchant painted by me.

Peter DE Druex painted by Stephen for 15mm this is incredible.
Mass of knights by me again
Hospitallers by me
Knights Templar's Teutonic and St Lazarus again by me
Assassins allies and enemies of the Templars
Crusader camp
Monk ready to do Gods work!
Mass of crossbow
More Saracens
I am Jerusalem

Another favourite Simon DE Montfort in the red again painted by Stephen.

Last shot of those Knights all my own work here.
The collection consists of the following
1 x Castle
1x village
1 x oasis
1x bridge
5 x single palm trees
1x4 palm trees on single base
3 x tents
1 x ruin
8 x siege palisade bases
16x baggage bases
72 Sudanese archers
30 x Arab archers
16 x Arab spear
15 x Assasins foot
6 x assasins mounted
16 x Turkmen mounted
24 x seljuk light horse
94 x sarecen medium/heavy cav
24x saladin and body guard
18 x templars
24 x knights of st John
3 x  knights st lasarus
3 x teutonic knights
1x Richard the lionheart base
1x king of Jerusalem base
33 x lay knights
108 x crossbow
56x  spear
24 x turcoploes mounted.

The above amounts to 305 foot figures 259 cavalry not including the baggage camels and figures on the baggage bases.
There is a box with more somewhere I think just need to rummage through. Aboubt half the collection need there bases finished.

Best Wishes


  1. Very nice. I'm sure they'll make someone very happy!

  2. Thanks guys I do hope they go to someone who will put them to good use.

  3. Great work. I think that you will not have problem to sale this miniatures

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