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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Monday, 17 December 2018


 Hi Gents,
I finally picked up my Malta terrain from TM terrain so did a quick set up at the weekend.

Ottoman gun batteries on the hill above St Elmo

A mix of figure manufacturers.

The defenders

The fort was supplied by small craft from Fort St Angelo across the bay. 

Awe inspiring drums.

Ottoman ships 

This figure is perfect with the ship.

A nightly excursion. 
A lot more to come.
Best wishes

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Cararvan Raid

Hi Gents,
I'm finally in the new house the games room is almost complete I can now set up and leave up the whole Acre terrain setting. I'm planning on getting a few skirmish games going rule still to be decided. This will be one scenario that will be gamed the Caravan raid.

Renaud de Chatillon famously attacked a caravan supposedly carrying Saladin's sister as you can imagine this didn't go down well. 

The rich caravan would make tempting pickings.

You can just about make out Gerard de Ridefort (Renaud's old pal) behind the priest who would no doubt be advising Gods will in this type of scenario.

Travelling in these caravans gave a bit of safety in numbers.

Especially if you had a rich emir with some of his retinue travelling with you.
Now I can guess the sinking feeling as you see as dust cloud gather in the distance.

You cant cross over just anyone's land if you haven't paid the toll.
oblivious they carry on.

These sort of raids were very common during the Crusades.

The templars would have been involved at various times.

A few cross bow to accompany the Knights.

Fight or flight.

Common-sense means flight. 

And he's not the only one.

These raids could be brutal.

But some would stand their ground.

The spoils of war.

Back to the stronghold to divide the goodies.

I'm very pleased I can now leave this set up out.

I can feel a reived interest in the Crusades coming on.

Still a way to go with this collection.

The full set up is 4000x1500mm so a decent size to game on.

I'm picking up my siege of Malta scenery tomorrow from Dave at TM terrain. Dave has stored this for me for a year now when I was doing the renovation looking forward to showing it off during the Christmas holidays.

Best wishes

Saturday, 20 October 2018

15th Century Byzantine collection

Hi gents,
A few pics of my growing 15th century Byzantine war collection for the Venice in Greece wars.

I'm still looking for a suitable figure for the emperor Constantine this Crusader figure will have to do for the moment.

I managed to get Ebob to take a small commission for the troops but alas he didn't continue.

I have been converting the figures to add more variety. 

Mark Allen did a great job on the flags.
Standard bearer is another conversion.

This will be a small unique collection representing the armies in the twilight years of Byzantium.

Dave Jarvis has used his paint magic on the figures.

I have been using some foremost horses from Hinds figures I got this idea from John Rays SYW collection where the results he gets is outstanding.

The armies will be small DBA size armies.

I am adding to the Byzantines and also will add early Ottomans /Venetians /Genoese  and Timurid I'm looking forward to  putting this together but it will be a slow burner.
Best wishes

Saturday, 21 April 2018

More WIP table pics

Hi gents,

A few more pics the table has moved on slightly since these were takin with antique studding added to the leather so just to add the glass to the table top  doors below and skirting/foot rest at the base.

The map came in 12 parts I had to join them tighter and paint of the white edge trim I think I got away with it.

Still a way to go but shaping up nicely.

Sunday, 25 March 2018

AWI collection growing.

 Hi Gents,

 I missed out on some very nice Hessian figure moving out of John Rays collection yesterday so to cheer myself up I got the camera out for a couple of pics of the growing AWI collection.
Figures aren't based yet but flags will be positioned correctly when they are.

A few rebels having a turkey shoot
Figures again painted by Dave Jarvis.
All sculpted by the Perry's either as part of Foundry or  Perry miniatures.

Casualty figures

A long way to go with this collection as I keep dipping in and out.

Some command figures.

Progress on the games room
 First cabinet on the wall two walls will have display cabinets along each length the table carcass also starting to take shape the table will allow storage of all the terrain boards it will allow a 4000 mm x 1500 mm set up with an extension piece that will allow another 1000 mm to be added when required.
I wont be moving into the new place until June so still a wee while before this is complete.
Will hopefully keep you abreast of the progress as it happens.
Best wishes