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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Saturday 25 May 2013

The Papal legate arrives!

Hi gents'

When reading about the fall of Constantinople I was interested in the schism between the Orthodox and Catholic Church's this caused one Orthodox clergyman to remark that he would rather live under the Sultans Turban than the Cardinals hat!There was a great deal of tension between the two doctrines that resulted in riots in the streets before the end.I have a few Orthodox Clergy but have now added to the Catholic faction.

This is the legate on the small boat I painted last week.
The figures are Perry Miniatures

Buildings in this pic from Touching History.

Figures painted by Dave Jarvis.

As you can see Dave has once more worked his magic.

The legate mounted

Not too happy about the new arrival.
The Venetians send some troops to escort to the Italian quarter

Gate to the Italian quarter.

Papal arms on the shield.

Safely in.

A better welcome here.
I have put off doing this collection for the last eight years don't know why but I am glad I did.The mix of the Perry figures and Dave's artwork is a joy to behold I am absolutely delighted with these.
I am now off to the garden to enjoy the sunshine a rare treat here in Bonnie Scotland.

Thanks for stopping by


  1. Very nice. A wonderful sight for this modeler's eyes.

  2. Spiffing! Great painting... reminds me that the new series of the Borgias, starts soon...

  3. Cheered me up no end - cracking figures. Depressed me as it's a period I've long wanted to get involved with. You can't win!


  4. Lovely!
    now I want a papal Legate in 20mm !!

  5. Great photos and collection, I love the cardinal arriving on the boat!

  6. Could you please describe how sunshine feels as it's been so long since we had any I've forgotten!!

    Great looking collection!


  7. Another inspired work, beautiful figures and colors!

  8. Thanks Gents!
    Christoper its been a long time coming!!!

  9. I love this project, this era has always peak my interest. But sadly I don't know much about it.

  10. Oh I say, what a treat - gorgeous looking miniatures.

  11. Brilliant - so gorgeous - love the boat scenes.



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