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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Friday, 31 May 2013

Venetian crew now painted

Hi gents,

I managed to get the conversions painted up this week along with the new boats although still got the masts to sort.I think I will buy some linen hankies and have the Lion of St Mark printed onto it for the sails if it works it should look pretty good.

Also got away a few orders off for new figures to be sent to the painters so this collection will see a nice few additions in the near future.I know this era is not every  ones cup of tea but I think this could well end up my signature collection. Here's a few pics of how the new boats and crew are coming along.

As I said I still have the masts to do.

During this period  the Venetians and Ottomans raided each others towns
First crew hit the town
Not a lot of troops to defend it.
Peasants about to feel the brunt of it.
Garrison take to the keep and hope the Sultan sends help.
Hand guns and cross bow won't make a dent.
                                                              Venetians lay siege but with no guns the garrison is fairly safe
I have a bombard on the work bench so maybe the Venetians will get what they need.
Thanks for stopping by
Best wishes


  1. Beautiful. Although not everyone's cup of tea one can't help but admire the color and grandeur. The flags look brilliant and so would the Lion of Saint Mark spread across a crimson sail.


  2. Great photos Willie! The troops look fantastic too!

  3. Ah crimson Frank I think that would look great!

  4. What range are the Turks from?

    1. The Janissary bow/XB are both Essex. The figure throwing the spear is by Redoubt and the Pasha is from Tag.I think they all mix well despite the size difference which isn't really noticeable. I also have some old glory which fit well to.

  5. this stuff really captures the imagination. Superb photos and lovely figures.

  6. A wonderful collection Willie.

  7. Amazing shots of an incredible collection. The terrain and figures capture the whole event wonderfully. Best, Dean

  8. Truly Impressive !!!

    Best regards Michael

  9. I'm afraid I'm late...well, never too late to look at such beautiful pictures. A fantastic and colorful work as always, the lat pic is my favourite...

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    Perfect Hard Work.... :)

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  11. Fantastic post.

    Thank you for the inspiration and eye-candy.



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