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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Saturday, 22 January 2011

British looking rather excited these are Foundry figures from the Sikh War collection
 lancers behind Sikh lines (actually they are just sitting in one of the wargames cabinets).

Noble Sikh cavalry outside the city walls.

Sikh noble command

Prince on an elephant I have another six war elephants for this collection will post some mass pictures later.Elephants were also used to pull heavy guns will  post some pics of these along with the artillery train.                                                                              

Irregular infantry with the odd Sikh fanatic thrown in the great thing about these figures is that you can use them for a variety or other periods.                   

These figures  can also be used for Indian/Afghans

British horse artillery

Civilian's packing up

British casualty heading to the rear.

Elephant pulling heavy gun.

More irregular cavalry.

Sikh gunners amongst the best trained troops available to the Kalsa.

Irregular Muslim infantry can be used as allies or enemies to either the British or the Sikhs.

Always time for a cup of tea.

Hi I am using this blog to showcase the wargames collection I have put together over a number of years using various manufacturer's and figure painters.

The pictures above are Wargames Foundry Sikh War designed by the Perry twins painted by Tony-Peter-Carter of the War Office painting service the collection is now well over 1000 figures strong.

Buildings are from from Monolith again painted by the War Office, trees are from Mutineer Miniatures.

The Battlements in the background are actually 15mm picked up unpainted at claymore a good number of years ago.

I am awaiting delivery from Touching history of a number of buildings which will be suitable for the Sikh wars and also go well with the Sudan collection I own will post some pics of these when they arrive.

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