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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Monday, 2 May 2011

Crocs in India

It's been a while.
Picked these up last week from the war office.

Not sure if this actually happened but what a way to go.

Crocs from foundry adding to the wildlife over the next few weeks.

Rather large vulture sure he will be heading o the river to see what the crocs left.

To late for these guys Brits march on.

Perrys Carlist Brits painted for the Sikh wars seems to be a running joke that these are used for lots of conflicts but I think they suit this conflict well.Flags as usual from the flag dude.

Vultures eye view.

Soldier friring a warning shot of dosent look as if it is having any effect.

Mixture of foundry schletrum and perrys.

Trees from Mutineer.

Still have one of the boats to get done think I will have the british in red for that one.

Haven't had the iphone camera fixed yet so still using the daughters ipod not quite as good.

Last pic of the day sorry for not posting recently the camera thing has been putting me off to be honest.Picking up some new figures at Falkirk next week so will post these next week hopefully have the camera fixed for that.
Cheers Willie


  1. !!! The horror!!! :-D I´m just glad there´s no sound effects :-D
    A great idea to add "hostile" wildlife to the scenery..

  2. Paul kind of reminds me of indiana jones and the temple of doom!