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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Gun boat in the Sudan

Hi guy's back to the Sudan with these pics took these while I wait for Perry's french naps drying just sprayed them with black undercoat to paint through the week will post pics as these progress. I have added some links to manufacturer's that I use for my collection's or intend to use in the future hope you find these useful.
Redoubt gunboat.

Foundry figures painted by the War Office.

Masses of flags for the Madist from the Flag Dude.

Mullah whipping up the crowd.

Ansar rampaging through the town.

Perry camel corp.

British on the opposite bank of the river.

Love these naval crew figs.

Beja tribes men.

British taking casualty's

Brits on the Gunboat mixture of perry and redoubt.

The man that prompted the rescue expedition arrived to late to save him.


  1. Any Sudan is good Sudan, but this is great Sudan.

  2. Great pictures and wonderfull painted figures!


  3. Great stuff!

    And I love the Gordon scene! Almost straight out of the movie!

  4. Poor old Charleton Heston!! :-)
    Looks great...I really like the little touches like , "british taking casualties"

  5. Charleton heston was Gordon to me played the part perfectly.

  6. Some very good pics there Willie and its nice to see a few of my buildings in the flesh.