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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Monday, 6 June 2011

Sandbags in the Sudan

Sudan again! I bought some sandbags this afternoon which promted this spate of pics,hope you enjoy.
This was the first Collection done for me by the War Office still one of my favourites.

Perry minatures with Flags again from flag dude.

Navel brigade again a favorite unit of mine.

Picked up the sand bags ready painted from shop in Glasgow at lunchtime today.

I am looking to fill out the collection with more livestock/civis/ barrels etc. I think this makes all the difference.I watched a dark age game at the Wappinshaw put on by Kirriemuir wargames club which had lots of these things which looked great. This was the best of show for me!

Loads of movement in these Perry figures.

Sand bags 6 peices in the set for £12 good value I think.

Rendera tent very versitile these.

Another good thing with the Sudan range is you can use them for the NWF as with these yorks&lancs.

The War Office did around 80 Scots for this collection.

Close up of the Scots.

Guns look very small compared with those a couple of decades earlier.


  1. Very nice figures, I've gotta agree with you about the Naval brigade, there's just something about them.

  2. yeah, those Naval brigade figs look great, nice collection.

  3. Very nice collection indeed. The Sudan is one of my favourite periods in history and also one of my favourite periods to game....more pictures please

  4. As an ex Matelot, I can only reinforce your comments on the Naval Brigade.

    Biased? Me? Nooooo . . . . .