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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Friday, 3 June 2011


Hi guy's some more pics of the Sikh war collection off to the Wappinshow in Glasgow tomorrow to pick up a mob for the mutiny collection will post pics next week.
The Afgan allies of the Sikhs outside the city walls.

Foundry Figures painted by the War office.

Rendera bridge doubling as a draw bridge.

Walls by Magister  Militum painted by the Wall office.

Added some foilage to the bases through the week.

Perrys rocket battery.

Brits move the guns up.

foundry limber picked this up from the war office along with 7 others for the mutiny collection but will also use for Sikh wars.

Colse up of the rocket crew.

British in camp.

Another shot of the guns I think the foilage really adds to the look.

Rendera tents in the back ground.

Dost Mohammad  after his escape from Sobaron.


  1. Lovely looking stuff Willie.

    If I see someone wandering about Wappinshaw tomorrow clutching a pile of Mutiny goodies, I'll know it's you!!

  2. Fantastic photo's, love the fort!

  3. That terrain and basing work is excellent.


  4. Should never have discovered your blog, I'm now tormented by pangs of envy and feelings of inadequacy.