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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Sunday, 27 November 2011

The French

Hi Gents,
Latest arrivals to the collection these Perry light infantry painted by Dave Jarvis,I have to say these have become an instant favourite with me the art work is stunning!
Perry Miniatures move through a bit of last Valley scenery.

The buildings in the back ground are from Touching History
 Paul is doing a few more building for this collection.

These figures will be based in the near future.

Last Valley does simple but effective pieces.

The Napoleonic collection will be the biggest I will have so to bolster
 the ranks I am going to paint a few battalion's myself working my way
 through 36 of these figures at present.

John Ray put me onto Dave earlier this year I am very glad he did.

Drummer figure really looks the part.

West Wind Gypsy caravan got this idea from one of Bill Gaskins
 set ups which really are really inspiring.

I painted the sample Friday night with the great idea of completing
 36 for tonight but needless to say that's not going to happen my
excuse is, that I am taking the kids to see Tin Tin today which I am really
 looking forward too bit of a big Kid myself!
plenty more happening on the hobby front so stay tuned.
Best Wishes


  1. Great painting on the Light Infantry!

  2. Fantastic painting and scenery. BTW, who makes those French in full-dress? I added some OG 2nd Ed. guys to my Victrix & Perry plastics. The OG are tad smaller, but look fine in their own units. Best, Dean

  3. Superb units; your photography really does make this wonderfully tempting.

  4. Fantastic painting and great photos, buildings and scenery.

  5. Some fantastic painting and buildings there Willie.

  6. Excellent figures Willie!
    Cheers paul

  7. Thanks gent's.

    The Full dress figures are Foundry 20% sale on at present.

  8. Wow, you done a good job on these, splendit!

  9. Fantastic miniatures and a really outstanding presentation. Thank you for sharing.