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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Monday, 14 November 2011

New Punic Ellies

Hi gents,
A very busy weekend but managed to make it up to Targe in Kirremuir and a great little show it was too!
I collected these Ellie's from the War Office the foot figures were painted by James Roach, Ellie's and crew by the War Office.I added some weapon bits and the scenics to the bases tonight.

Crusader Ellie's before the scenic is added.

I added the shield to the side of the tower and changed the colour of the tower to white.

A bit of woodland scenics help to bring on the look of the base.

Renegade Romans painted by James Roach more of these to come in the near future.

The design on the shields is from LBM these were white to begin with but
 I over painted these red.

I have five of these for this collection but after seeing the guys from the Phoenix clubs set up at Targe
 I may have to increase this they had an impressive 12 on the table!

May do a large set up with these soon.

Still to add the scenics to two of the Ellie's I managed to leave Targe without
  mini tufts which was the main reason for going in the first place.

Some close up action.
Best wishes


  1. Very much like James' Romans; Renagade aren't my favourite minis, but he has done a very fine job on them!

    Cheers, Simon

  2. wow, very impressive. I reaaly like the way you take pictures. very lively scenes

  3. Very nice and it looks like that Roman line is in some serious danger with all that heavy weight going their way!


  4. What a tremendous post; fabulous photographs and beautifully painted figures what more could a chap wish for?

  5. Great photos and beautifully painted Numidians and Republican Romans.

  6. Fantastic photos of wonderful looking troops.

  7. Great stuff especially the elephants.

  8. Very nice efalumps,
    Love the colours used on the figs. Wish I could get mine as vibrant.