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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Sunday, 4 December 2011

The British take shape!

Hi gents,
More of the Peninsular this week the light infantry brigade are really starting to take shape now.Portuguese have been sent down to Dave Jarvis for colouring in and the War Office are turning out figures at a great rate so I don't think it will take to long to get this collection to a decent size.I am not ignoring the other collections Romans are on going by James Roach and the Italian Wars should start some time in the new year.The Hungarian sculpts are also making progress will post some new pics of these soon.
The 43rd cross over a river.

Perry Miniatures painted by the war office.

3rd Dragoons from victrix.

Nice looking unit.

One of the 95th by Dave Jarvis.

Again temp flags until the right ones arrive.

KGL received their correct colours today these from LBM.

When not fighting the French the British amuse themselves by fighting each other.

.A lot more to come in the not to distant future.
Best wishes


  1. Oh my word, they're rather impressive. I feel a weakening in resolve.

  2. Really nice looking figures all around. Those pugilists look really interesting. Best, Dean

  3. Looking good so far.

    Look forward to see the Hungarian sculpts and more of your Italian Wars goodness.

  4. Great looking stuff! I was just eying those pugilists myself in an old Foundry catalog today. :-)


  5. Fantastic Willie. Very impressive.

  6. REal good stuff again. Do I see Flames of war bases?

  7. MM
    well spotted I have most of the collection based on FOW bases, I like the tapered edges it does have its constraints though