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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Allies so far!

Hi gent's

More arrivals this week with a Portuguese flavor this now totals at 10 foot battalions for this collection  painted and based some 300 figures add the cavalry and the artillery and its around 350 not bad given when this was started.The French however lag behind some what so more attention to them over the coming months.The war office currently working on these and Dave Jarvis doing the Neuchatel battalion next month looking forward to these.
Placed another order today with the Perry's for French line so these should get up to a respectable level soon.
Just had a bizarre experience were my 6 year old daughter came in with a wobbly tooth while I was writing this, jokingly I asked do you want me to pull the tooth out and the reply came back yes that would be great!
1 minute later and its in a tissue heading for the pillow and the tooth fairy unbelievable!!!

Victrix Portuguese.

Allies really starting to take shape.

British officer painted by Dave Jarvis.

And another.

Allies now have 10 foot battalions painted and based,

These by Dave Jarvis to be based later.

Highland officer

Old saw bones.
More through the week.
Best wishes


  1. More delightful eye candy. I love the Highland officer and old saw bones. Wonderful stuff.

  2. Fantastic painting and photos - very inspiring!

  3. I realized what it is that I like most about your peninsular pictures. The warm light-source! It really feels like a spanish sunset.

    Obviously the miniatures are fantastic. Special props for the medic treating some poor fella.

  4. Awesome collection! Love the variety of troop types. Best, Dean

  5. This is miniatures at their best. I looked at the shot of the "saw bones" and cringed!

  6. Does it hurt? Only when I laugh!

    Lovely minis there. Simon

  7. Thanks gents I am please with the way its coming along!I am painting some knights this week so pics of these next!

  8. Brave girl. And the pics keep inspiring me. Great stuff