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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Saturday, 24 March 2012

The civilians

Hi gents,
Monday saw the arrival of my order from Redoubt these were civilian's to pad out my towns and city's.I managed to paint 45 from Monday to Thursday and also did a bit of minor conversion heads lapels etc.
Allies arrive in the city cobblestones are printed paper.

Life around the bars goes on.

I painted 45 civilians this week.

Also converted these redoubt beggars.

Buildings by Touching History.

The women pouring was painted some time ago by the War office.

The beggars come with separate heads so the conversion was very simple.

I have tables and chairs to add to this.

Close up of the conversion Perry heads

The figures are from across the Redoubt range.

Lots of nice character in these.

This city is going to have some more real estate added next week all going well.
I am off on me hols end of next week so not sure if I will get another post in before I go, the painting continues when I am off so should be a massive amount to see on my return.
Best wishes


  1. There are some wonderful characters here Sir! Love the conversion work too. As for "I managed to paint 45 from Monday to Thursday", my word! That was some going!

  2. It seems to be in the village ... a journey through time, thanks for that!
    The beggars, among others, are great...excellent work.

  3. Those beggars are fab - are they converted?

  4. The all look fantastic; full of character and color. Impressive output too. Best, Dean

  5. They really add to the realism of the seen, they look great and your turn around is phenomenal

  6. Your collection of figures just get better and better, fantastic.

  7. Just great, Willie! Your paint brush must be smokin'!

  8. Beautiful work!
    I like the life you have created in your city!

  9. Thanks for all the comments gents they were really easy to paint hardest part for me was trying to get the variation right for the colours.

    The beggars are converted but only in a small way heads/epalutes the main figures are hardly touched.If you are looking for them they are in the Redoubt three musketeer range!

  10. Really nice Willie. A few civilians around really "make" the wargames table.

  11. Excellent - i love seeing effort being put into games just looking good, great job

  12. Willie, great looking city...figs are fantastic....nice work