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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Saturday, 7 July 2012


Hi gents,

I think all this rain is pointing me in the aquatic direction!I came across this idea on the Lead Adventure Forum and thought I would pinch it.These are Redoubt ACW figures with small additions to turn them into Napoleonic.This may be the last post for a couple of weeks as I have had my fill of rain and am heading off with the family to catch some sun.The painters are still working away so should be plenty to see on my return Napoleonic from Tony and Dave.  Romans and Italian wars from James who dropped me a line last week to let me know these are on the blocks!
Redoubt figures with Perry  heads.

The pontoon is from Rendra its upside down in these shots.

I added water canteens and ammo boxes also.

Looking forward to seeing these coloured in.
Same task different army!

Converted a bundle of French also.

Again a few water bottles added.

I think the heads look quite good on these.
I will try and get one more post in before I head off into the sun.
Best wishes


  1. Very nice, Willie. Head swaps and sundry additions work quite well to individualize your troops.

  2. The Redoubt ACW figures must be smaller than their other ranges because they seem to fit in well with the Perry figures and heads? A great idea and conversion work.

  3. Willie they are neat conversions----youre in the know of stuff so perhsaps you can help me with aquery.Is any manufacturer making 25/28mm Murat era Neapolitan flagpole finials(the rearing horse one)?? cheers Peter

  4. Very cool work there Willie. Can't wait to see them with some paint on.

  5. What a great idea; these are going to look wonderfully painted up.

  6. Thaks for the comments gents!
    these figures are a bit smaller and do seem to fit better than some of their others.

    I am not aware of these being available if not why not use a 6mm horse glued on a pole just cut the figure off!Failing that Relic do command figures in the ancient range with horse standards although you would still have to do alittle bit of conversion!!

  7. Another piece of fantastic work. I shall follow the progress closely.