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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Time to get the Finger out!

Hi gents,

I have been a busy bee this morning first off a trip to the postie to pick up a package I missed yesterday. Parcel picked up a trip now to B&Q for super glue then back home. The contents of the parcel now laid out in the study this is what the troops have been waiting on. The parcel was full of bases for my Italian War Collection.
 Now I have had this collection on the go for a couple of years now but this week saw another parcel arrive from James Roach containing 100 landsknechts, this was the catalyst for me to get the finger out and start basing them up, 84 bases and 400 figures later here are some of the results.
Here we have the Spanish.

The figures are a mix of Foundry and Tag.

The Flags are from Pete's flags

I opted for the 3mm base to try and match the height of the Phil Olley collection

Spanish handguns

The sword and buckler men,

I did quite a few of these circular command bases.
I have my work cut out here James has hinted that another 150 landsknecht figure will be ready end of this month!
Been a great week hobby wise, more Ottomans from Dave and John Rays excellent book A Military Gentleman also arrived this week
Best wishes


  1. Great Italian wars stuff, I look forward to seeing the Landsknechts

  2. Fantastic to be able to get armies painted to that standard! Jealous, I am.

    Where do you get the widget MBtF google+ widget from, please?

    1. Hi Simon not sure how I ended up with that widget I hadn't even noticed it until you mentioned it!

  3. Stunning look !!!

    Please gives us more pictures when the bases are done.

    Best regards Michael