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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Hi Gents

I have waited a long time to start this collection but resolved recently that it was now or never. I have come to the realisation that I can't wait forever for the perfect figures to come along. With the advent of the new plastic figures I can convert the figures to near enough what I am after.
 Over the last few weeks I have been getting figures from the Perry's ,Essex, Gripping Beast, Crusader, Black Tree Front Rank and a plastic set from Fire Forge I will add a few others to this mix once I have some samples.
 I want to represent the wars in Outremer from the Third to the Fifth Crusade so a little artistic licence will come into play with the helms being the most noticeable. The military orders will be represented with the Templars as below and the Hospitallers in Black with a White Cross, I will also do the Teutonic's who were founded during the Third Crusade and those of the other minor orders who were present. I always liked the idea of the leper monks so whether they actually fought in battle or not I will do a small unit. So here we have first of the Orders the Templars painted by Dave Jarvis who I think has done a fantastic job on these.

These figures are Crusader mini's with a few head swaps.

Dave also painted the flags and pennons.

The Grand Master has his own coat of arms quartered with the orders.

When I painted my 15mm Templars I did white with red cross but I really like the black and white look on the 28mm.

Loads of character in these minis

I will add a few vignettes also

This stance looks straight out the Osprey book

This is one of the figures heading to Dave at present Perry figure Fire Forge head /arm and shield on a Front Rank Horse.
Thanks for stopping by and having a look.
Best wishes



  1. Beautiful pictures and minis, once again!

  2. Excellent start. Looking forward to more.

  3. Greate start of your collection Willie !!!

    Lovely pictures of stunning minis, what more to ask for :)

    Looking forward to see the collection expande !

    Best regards Michael

  4. Really, really nice. The variation and depth given the limited palette is great.

  5. I like those Willie, a fine body of religious freaks.

  6. Well, you've nailed it! The black, white and red cross are perfect!

  7. Pleased that "now or never" became 'now' as these look great.