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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The Lusignans gather at Acre

Hi gents,

A load of new figures arrived today so I thought I would get the camera out and show you some of the new arrivals. These figures are representing the Lusignan faction who gathered at Acre to support Guy in his bid to regain the Kingdom from the Saracens. Some think he was a bad King losing most of the kingdom after the battle of Hattin. I think he redeemed himself at Acre although he ultimately lost the crown when the locals voted Conrad of Montferrat as the new King.

I am having various factions painted up  these have a mix of the arms of Jerusalem and Lusignan
The figures are from Crusader Miniatures

The castle in the background is games workshop painted by me.

All the figures have been painted by Dave Jarvis
I have still got a bit to do to the bases but thought I should post anyway.

This is just a part of what arrived today so enough for another couple of posts in the near future with pics of some beautifully painted figures!

Best wishes



  1. They are lovely, good work. By Dave J.

  2. Very nice, Willie. Your troops look to me to be itching for a fight.

  3. Very nice paint job on the figures, with a really terrific colour scheme! Also, the paint-job you did on that GW castle is awesome, deceptively simple but I love it! Excited to see the rest of your newly-arrived reinforcements...

  4. Lovely paint job and the figures are a revelation. Can't remember noticing this range before. This is becoming a hell of a collection!

  5. Great looking minis. Especially the shields are amazing! Can't wait to see the rest of your new arrivals

  6. Fabulous stuff... I love 'em!


  7. Wow those are fabulous indeed.

    The white and blue coat with the red lion is really a striking image and makes for some really nice miniatures.

    Really great pictures, kepp em comming. ;)

  8. Beautiful collection for sure!


  9. Very nice figures, Excellent paintjob!

  10. Lovely additions to your collection!

    Like the castle in the back very much.

    Best regards Michael

  11. great work Willie!