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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

St Elmo

Happy New Year,
A few pics of what's coming this year which will hopefully see the completion of the Malta 1565 collection. Dave at TM terrain has been commissioned to build St Elmo which can be added to my existing terrain to recreate the siege. I have added a few pics from the archive to show some off the figures which will be used with the terrain.
I have recently bought a new house which has a great hobby space so at some point this year the whole thing can be played out.

                                                                       Best Wishes


  1. Willie, your terrain matches your wonderful figures except now you need to find some rules that will complement the game you are creating.Something this good should be showcased at some of the big shows. It deserves it.

    1. Thanks Robbie yes rules will also have to be pulled together.

  2. Photos, figures and terrain are superb!

  3. Looking great Wullie.
    League of Augsburg should have Ottoman infantry out in time for Salute, I'll get some shots of the "greens" on the blog.

  4. Bob,

    Really looking forward to seeing how they turn out.

  5. This will be truly amazing when all done Willie.


  6. Wilie that is wonderful. I have been following its construction on FB and have marveled at Dave's skill.

    I am looking forward to shots of the games room in the new house once it is all kitted out - I don't imagine you will do it by half :).

    This is a good distraction while AMG is off the air.


  7. Hi Richard,

    Dave is a master of his art.
    I'm really looking forward to the new games room it will give me an opportunity to have a very large permanent set up I will post pics as this progresses.

    I'm already in withdrawal from AMG still checking the site a bit like a moth to a flame!


  8. Willie...

    OMG (as the kids might put it) -- INCREDIBLE!!!

    St. Elmos Fort?!?! It looks amazing, which of course is no surprise, as does the water of the harbor!

    Re: your new home and expanded dedicated game room... not to be pushy or take advantage in any way, but I may need to schedule a return trip to your neck of the Lowland woods!