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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Skih Wars 2 invested Village by river.

 In this set up British reinforcements arrive by the river figures from foundry/ boat from scheltrum as are the oarsmen with some perry head swaps.Flag from the Flag Dude river is a dust bin liner a bit naff I know but I am hoping to get some pukka terrain made this year.
 The British start to disembark and advance into the village although taking some heavy casualties,building monolith trees from  mutineer miniatures.
                                                  British cheering on the reinforcements.
                                                 Sikh irregulars doing a lot of damage to the Brits.

                                                     The Brits bring a some heavy metal.                          
                                                              View from a tower.

                                                  Sikhs try to repulse the British.
                                            Close up of the British bringing their gun to the fore.
                                             Sikhs emerge from the jungle next to the village
                                                 Sikh gunners prepare.
                                              Massed line prepare to receive British Calvary.

                                                 16th lancers Charge!
                                                                       Getting closer.
                                                          Sikhs remain steadfast.
                                                                       More close ups.
                                                16th getting disordered as the melee begins.
                                                  Another view of the charge.
Ton of the War Office told me he loved doing this collection and may actually do one for himself if he ever gets the time. Last blog of the weekend hope you enjoy the pictures.