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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Carlist Wars

 Carlist Wars this time figures by the Perry's Painted by Tony of The War Office Buildings by Touching History.The trees were purchased from Mutineer Miniatures all sitting on a Games workshop battle mat.
I have to say it was the figures that first attracted me to this theatre of war but once you get into it its quite interesting there was a series of articles in one of the wargames mags years ago called a savage and romantic war which I would say sums this up very well.                                                                                           

British Commanders always seem to get the best digs.

Isabelino lancers

                                                                 Isabelino Horse artillery

The British Legion

Spanish civilian's these can again be used for various wars.

Isabelino Commander

Isabelino foot artillery could pass for French also.

The lancers pennons and infantry flags are by Aldofo Ramos.

                                                   More Isabelino infantry

                                                                  Lancers Charge
                                                 Church by Touching History
                                         On the march I am sure the locals would have been happy to see them go.
                                                                Carlist mule train
                                                      Last rites I think.
                                                  Carlist soldiers standing easy.
                                           Carlist artillery obstructing mother and child.
                                            Carlistas on the march lots of civilians joining them.
                                                        More regular looking troops
                                            Monks on a mission as opposed to living in one!
                                          Carlist regulars look on as the volunteer's march by.

British legion fought under the Spanish flag in this conflict.

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