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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Romans versus Gauls

This is one of my Ancient collections approx 400 figures at present about the same still to be done should be complete by summer hopefully.I have this running concurrently with my Crimean war collection being painted by Tony of the War Office
Well here are the Romans Renegade figures painted by James Roach of Olicana painting services who's work I am sure lots of you will be familiar with.back ground building by Paul Darnell of Touching  History.               

Legionaries painted by James Roach transfers by little big man.

  Figures are still to be based James is still working on the rest of this collection for me he is currently working on the Spanish I believe but I will wait until it is complete before basing to keep continuity.
 James had used white transfers on all the Roman legionaries which was what I had asked for but after an afternoon watching an old re run of Spartacus I just had to have the majority of these changed to red so it was out with the paint brush to change these.
                                                   Roman Command
                                                 Roman skirmishers emerge from the woods.
                                                   First Gaul sighted
                                                  Gauls start to gather.
                                               More Gauls LBM transfers again
                                                    The legion advance.
                                                          Two against one a bit unfair.
                                                  Roman command emerge from the entrance.
                                      The white transfers look really good in an elite sort of way.
                                  The wall in the background again by Paul From Touching History

                                                 That evens things up a bit.

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