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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Saturday, 22 January 2011


 Perry Sudan figures navel brigade holding off the fuzzes.Flag from the Flag Dude painting by Tony at the War Office once again over 1000 pieces in this collection amazes me how many figures Tony can produce to such a consistent quality.

The Scots charge the kilts must have be murder in that heat.

British cavalry ride by some wargames cabinets 12 of these cabinets full at present with the over
 spill sitting in boxes.                                                                                                                      

Madists up close

Fanatics ride into town.

Another view of the horde flags by Flag Dude.

Bengal LancersI will also use these for NWF action.

The Perry's do some great action poses this fellow looks like he has had it.

British casualty's from Perry's.

Reporting from a safe distance.

Mullah wiping up a frenzy.

Massed Scots.

Unlucky British soldier

Letter home during a brief respite.

Captured Egyptian guns and gunners forced to fight for the Mahdi I love this collection has it all gunboats/trains etc still to add some bits and pieces to finalise the collection .


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