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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Return to the valley of death

Firstly sympathy to all caught up in the disaster in Japan good to see some of you posting that you are safe.

Some of you may remember I had posted some pics of my Light brigade charging into the valley of death it that time I was still waiting on the Russian guns arriving from the War Office so now I have picked these up here's the scene from one of the hills.

Foundry miniatures sculpted by the Perrys a number of years ago.
Cotton wool giving the smoke effect if you want some really great ideas on fire and smoke visit Captain Richards blog he has this down to a tee with some really great effects.,
I asked the War Office to leave the bases bare I then add the woodland scenics when these arrive lets me feel as if I am adding something however little to the overall effect.
Russian cavalry again some scenics added and I also added the lance pennons which are made from masking tape did these today
Russian guns in action.
A Cossack gun I think.
Dead figure is a perry ACW figure didn't think any one would mind his moving to a new Continent
Had a look in the osprey Crimean book this morning which showed the pennons for the artillary which I painted this morning.
Foundry figures moving past a woodlands scenic bare tree.
light brigade in the valley below.
Russians waiting at the end of the valley.
After braving the guns this is the last thing they needed.

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