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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Monday, 4 July 2011

The Horse Soldiers

Hi guy's
We managed to string together 4 days of sunshine which means we have had a summer here at last!
 Here are some shot's taken last week of the Union cavalry.
 Forecast is for rain the rest of the week so will get some more pics done once we retreat back indoors.

Perry dismounted cavalry, Hovels church in the background converted and painted by touching history.

Horse artillery on the move again from Perry Miniatures.

Union cavalry from Foundry this time Flag's from the Flag Dude.

Great thing about the ACW is the huge variety of figures available although mine are 99% sculpted by the Perry twins in one guise or another.

This collection started after reading the Battle Cry of Freedom on holiday a couple of years ago cracking book!

All figures painted by Tony at the War Office

Bringing up the ammo for the gun's fencing made by me from cocktail sticks..

Another massed shot.

Last shot of the day still have a few more union cavalry not on the table here quite hard to get them all in one shot.
                                                                            Best wishes



  1. Willie, these are some very good pictures of wonderfull painted figures! Love to see more of them.


  2. Great figures and scenery again Willie, but I think you're losing your touch - couldn't make out John Wayne . . .


  3. Thank's guy's

    it would be great to think that Perrys would do the Duke.I know Empress did some movie figures for Zulu which really look the part.

    Cheer's Willie

  4. That's a real fine collection!

  5. Very nice collection of figs there.