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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Maharajah'sTiger hunt.

Hi guy's

Some new additions to the collection arrived today some tigers/villagers and other odds and sods for the mutiny collection all painted by the War Office.
Foundry tiger in jungle near village.
Eureka villagers worried about the tiger lurking, buildings in the back ground by Touching History
Unlucky villager gets attacked.
Maharajah passing by the village on tiger hunt.

Village elder tells the maharajah's man where to find the tiger, foundry and eureka figures.
This guys not taking any chances when a tigers about.
Charming little set from eureka snake charmer to be exact!
The villagers for once happy to see the maharajahs entourage.
Foundry Ellie's with a Mutineer figure in green
Off into the jungle I have ten elephants at present with another 6 being done for the Punic wars.
Final shot but will he bag it.
I remember seeing an interview with Spike Mulligan years ago when he was recounting his time in India as a boy he grow up there ,he recalled his father waking him up during the night and exclaiming that he had never bagged a tiger.strange story but really funny.
best wishes


  1. Very nicely done, Willie: great figure paint job, landscape (bushes and trees look great), buildings are well painted, and the scenes are nicely choreographed and photographed. Plus, the rope climber is a great "touch". Thoroughly enjoyed your hard work.


  2. Willie, I'm jealous! Most of all, I am jealous of the fact you have Flag Dude standards for all your native troops! That's something I need to do. The challenge is to remove and replace my old homemade paper flags without causing too much damage to hands and paint-jobs. It can be done of course but it requires time and attention that I prefer to focus on new terrain. Still, Rick O'Brien's work is so consistently excellent, I really need to carve out the time and get it done -- otherwise my native troops will remain out-shined and over-shadowed by yours!

    BTW, beautiful job as usual with your Tiger Hunt layout!

  3. Thanks for the comment's Jay!

    MG your natives are no way out-shined nor over-shadowed you collection looks like areal labour of love.

    Best wishes