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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Thirty Years War

I knew this castle would come in handy for various eras of my collection here it is with the Thirty years war.
Regular readers of this blog will remember that this castle was made a few weeks ago.

Big guns behind a redoubt firing at the walls.

These figures were painted by Barry Hilton some years ago.

Imperialist's command.

I like the way Barry does his bases for the western hemisphere.

Shots from the battlements.

One of my favorite units plugging the gap.

Imperialist's arrive in numbers you can see Barrys trade mark flags.

I think the figures are mainly Foundry and Front rank with a few conversions.

Scots made their way into this conflict which was to stand them in good stead during the civil war.

Tercio on the move.

Pike at the gates.

help on its way for the beleaguered garrison.

Livonia heavy cavalry.
I ordered half a dozen books on the peninsular war this afternoon for holiday reading this is hopefully to be next years big project along with the 15th century Ottomans that Josef Ochman is sculpting for me at present.
Really looking forward to these will post pics when they are done.

Best wishes


  1. Very nice pics, I like the plugging the gap figures and photos!!

  2. Excellent figures. Put my Italian Wars stuff to shame.
    Greg C.