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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Barricades in the Mutiny

Hi guys,
First a very warm welcome to all those who have decided to follow this blog, I noticed quite a lot of new faces over the last couple of weeks it is very much appreciated helps keep the motivation going.

If you have seen the end of the previous post you will have seen the start of these battle field accessories. Rendra plastic barrels/ cocktail sticks and lolly sticks used to make impromptu barricades.
I think I will be able to use these for quite a few periods easy to make and cost very little.
I don't think they turned out to bad here is a few shots used with the Mutiny collection.

Sand added to the bases black undercoat to the barrels & timber.

Dry brushed with umber and cream house paint bought mini test pots from B&Q ideal for this.

Small British force behind the barricades.

i based the barricades on some flames of war bases I had spare.

I think all in these took about two hours to make which isn't too bad.

This also gives me an opportunity to show off the mutineer figures the guys with the muskets are new arrivals.

Foundry Brit shoots Mutineer mini.

Another new arrival Nana Sahib bringing up more rebels.

Foundry Old Glory and Mutineer all painted by the War Office.

Foundry limber.

The Mutineer column from the rear.

Not the kind of red coats they were hoping for!
 hope the barricades hold up!

Thanks for having a look.
Best wishes


  1. Great stuff, Willie.

    Best wishes


  2. Really inspirational positioning of scenery (just enough off-balance to look "real"), and utilization of scratchbuild materials. And the paint-job on everything seems to me to blend it all together. Keep up the great work.

  3. Hope it's enough to keep the damn' Pandies out, eh what?

    Really great improvised look, Willie.

  4. Beautiful photos. Nice work.

  5. Superb collection and very impressive pictures.

  6. I really like your dios. I wanted to ask you about your colours for the wood, but you already mentionned them. thanks a lot.

  7. Thanks for thew comments gents.
    Best wishes

  8. Excellent. The barricades look truly professional.
    I´m trying to work out how big your collection must be...I assume it´s massive!!