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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Crimea Collection increase's

Hi Guy's
The War Office sent three more British battalions for the Crimea collection this week which prompted me to get this collection out for some new pic's.

Foundry Gun's

Russian high command added so mini tufts and other scenics to the base of this and a few other bases yesterday.

Russian infantry painted a couple of months back but flags and senics added yesterday Flag's from Flag Dude.

Again cavalry done a while back but some scenic's added.

Don cossacks still have the lance's to do for these and still to add senics to the base.

British Command from Foundry.

These battalion's arrived this week figures from Warlord wasn't 100% sure about these figures but they are growing on me.

I like the scarf's these ones to keep out the cold unlike recent pic's of looter's who use the same tactic for disguise!!

All the figures have been based on plastic flames of war base's mini tuft's added yesterday.

Four British infantry battalions done at present more coming next week.

I really like these figures in helmets flag's again by Flag dude.

Still a fair bit to be done for this collection but it's making steady progress watch this space.

Best wishes



  1. Some real nice pictures there. Not sure why but I really like the Russian Infantry, looks very nice.

  2. They all great painted and based! What a great army!


  3. Great stuff Sir, I like the look of the British one armed general, he looks as though he's not really enjoying his time in the Crimea!

  4. Your 28mm Crimean project appears to be progressing well. I started one earlier this year however it's been painfully slow to date. I have only painted 3 British and 4 Russian battalions.


  5. Very nice work, really like the cannons.

  6. Really nice work Willie. The basing is fantastic.

  7. Very nice collection, I must admit I like playing the period at the club as the Russians.

  8. Great figures and paint jobs love the blokes with scarves, makes units looks nicely 'on campaign'