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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Q jump for The Italian Wars

Hi guy's
I feel really lucky today just picked up this fantastic collection which was painted by Phil Olley which has propelled the Italian war collection to the front of the queue for the time being.
This is to be supplemented by another 600 figures which James Roach has agreed to paint, add to that the odds and sods that me and the War Office will paint and this time next year should be a truly fantastic collection size.

The hand painted banners really set these off!
These Spanish sword will be rebased on similar bases to those Phil did.
Great thing about James agreeing to do this collection for me is that his style and Phils aren't 100 miles apart.
Arquebus on the castle walls foundry figures painted by Soloway Crafts.
Phil kindly added some extra bits such as these defences.
I've said it before but these monks fit almost any period since the darkages.
When based the same I think these will all blend in well.
54 man pike block with aquebus and halberds at the flanks.
Monk and landsknecht by me chap in the stocks by Phil
Loads more of this to come, be intresting to see how the artizan figures sent to the War Office turn out!!
Best wishes


  1. That´s a lovely looking collection...the pike block looks seriously good. And there will be another 600 added to this!!!!?
    I´d like to see the pictures of that lot all together!!

  2. Lucky man picking up Phils IW's stuff. Seen these in the flesh and every bit as nice as the figures suggest. Plus another 600! Thats a lot of

  3. Fantastic collection and more to come???? You didn't win the Euro lottery the other month did you??

  4. A lot of wonderful figures, very nice.

  5. Wow, very cool. They look fantastic.

  6. Simply gorgeous. If you add hundreds of figures painted by James Roach I am going to be most envious!

    Another Anderson from across the pond....

  7. Truly works of art; love the photography as well. Best, Dean

  8. Thanks gents really pleased with it!
    Ray no lottery win but can only imagine the collection if I did.

  9. This is going to be a spectactular collection, what stuff is going to be added?

  10. Oli

    James has done an army list for me will arrive this week along with more Punic stuff he has completed.
    Spanish/landsknechts/Swiss/ French plus Italian allies using foundry/tag /eureka artizan and a few others.Really looking forward to getting into it.

  11. Oh man, fantastic!!! Just awesome! Thanks for sharing!