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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Hi guy,s
Thought I would post some pics of what I painted this week,I started these a couple of weeks ago then lost the will to paint,I forgot how hard Landsknechts are to get right.I think they turned out ok but wouldn't want to paint an army of them leave that to the professionals!

Artizan Landsknechts painted by me.

Found some of these easier than others to paint the halberders were ok.

I think the main stay of of the landsknechts will be foundry for the Italain war collection..

I still have around a dozen packs of these to get painted.

You may remember the monk was painted a few weeks back.

I have based these temporaily and will rebase when the main collection is complete.

The Halbard troops are great little sculpts.

Hard thing adout the landsknechts is the varitiy of colour.

Touching history church in the background

Only 24 figures these pike blocks will have to be at lest doubled to make them look right.

Best wishes



  1. Well painted that man!! I think every painter goes through the "thats it!! I'm not painting these things anymore", phase from time to time, we soon get over it.

  2. Not my period, but lovely paint work, these are really nice looking figures.

  3. Cor, like those!!!! Might get some to paint while Manchester Burns . . . ;O)

  4. THey look great to me. landsknecht are a pain to paint but they do look good when done. Keep it up.