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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Afghan raid

Hi guy's
Claymore yesterday so picked up a few bits and pieces of terrain mainly from the last valley.
I bought the ploughed field shown here more for the Acw collection but I think I will get away with it in most collections.
Good show plenty of traders and lots of great looking games, Calibans & club mates game had huge amout of lead on show pretty crowded table when I looked,seen on Pauls post the the Han game won best of show well deserved for the effort the chap put on! truly family affair he had his wife/ son/ daughter and mother inlaw all with him helping at the table.
I took my younger brother along he used to paint figures years ago and I am trying to convince him its time to get back into it think I might have done it.

Unlucky villager hears a shot and feels the pain.

The culprit appears in view kind of reminds me of the wild west on the frontier changing Afghans for native Americans.

These raiders are visiting any unprotected villagers and taxing their goods in traditional fashion.

Old Glory villager runs in from the fields but to late don't fancy his chances with that little knife.

Heading back to base with the goodies.

British officer gets filled in on the situation.

These villagers have had enough and are moving out.

British launch a reprisal expedition.

A nest of vipers.

Not messing about the British head off heavily armed.

Scot's advance towards the Afghan stronghold.

Perry miniatures painted by the War Office.

Afghans prepare to met fire with fire.

Eureka Fakir lying on a bed of nails deep in meditation oblivious to the chaos going on below.
Thanks for taking the time to visit hope you found something of interest.
Best wishes


  1. Willie, I'm amazing at all the different periods you have , and all are excellent.

  2. Thanks Captain,

    Just love history can't stop reading,every time I do could take me in a new direction.This hobby has came on leaps and bounds since I first dipped my toe!

    Hard to keep to one period! although the way you do ACW is second to none, you really have some of the most inventive ideas I have seen and I have been watching this hobbie since school.
    I am just waiting on someone coming up with the magnetic battle field.
    We have a small skating ring that comes out at Christmas 20mm figures pulled by magnetics always been an ambition to recreate this in 28mm.using some of your lighting of course!

  3. Really nice - love your NWF stuff.
    Great little story.


  4. Excellent work, sir! Great story, great eye candy. The fakir is a gem.

  5. Great looking figures, you defiantly have an eye for a good photo too. The Last Valley make great scenery, I've bought bits and bobs from him, but my pal Postie spends hundreds each show we go to.
    What's the next period for the Anderson collection?????

  6. Beautiful photos Willie. Love those Scots.

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  8. Thanks for the comments!

    The next collection should be Italian wars using Foundry/Perry and tag with a few others in the mix, these are to be done by James Roach his style suits these perfectly.
    The War Office are currently blasting through the Crimea collection and then onto the AWI.

    I am waiting on some sculpts that Josef Ochman is doing for me just now Ottomans hungarains wallachins and Byzantines for the early 15th century don't, know who will paint this collection yet but probably the War office.

  9. Willie,

    Will those sculpts be private, only for your own use, or will they end up for sale to the public? I only ask because nice 28mm Hungarian and Ottoman Turkish cavalry, especially horse-archers, for use as components of Italian condottiere armies of late 14th and early 15th Century, is something I've wanted to find for some time. The only ones I know of are Old Glory, which are decent but not great, and a little small compared to Perry 28mm medievals.

    You are a very busy man, hobby-wise!

  10. MG,

    Private collection I did toy with the idea of producing these for the market but after long discussions with Josef decided against at this time.
    I had thought that I would be posting pics at this time but as with most things artistic these are taking there own time in arriving.

  11. Willie: Great entertainment for the eye and heart! The Fakir vignette makes me laugh! Thanks for being a part of this genre which brings me lots of joy.