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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Friday, 5 August 2011

British Cavalry &Sikh

Hi guy's,
First off all apologies to some of the blogger that I follow I have been trying to leave comments on blogs with various success don't know what the problem is but its a bit of a pain!So Ray great looking Trojan's! Paul the Romans&Celts are fantastic! and Captain love the originality of your work just three of those visited today tried to comment on many others.
As with the previous post holiday reading changed from the peninsular to the Punjab so here's some pics which give a flavour of the war.Figures from Foundry painted by the War Office on TSS tiles.
British cavalry&horse artillery

Sikhs form squares.

Birds eye view of the squares.

16th lancers in their distinctive red jackets.

Sikh regulars well drilled in this formation.

These were the troops that smashed through the Sikh squares.

Sikhs preparing to met the charge.

Horse artillery advance in support of the cavalry.

Sikh gunners very well drilled and very brave many being killed at their guns.

16th smash the square.

The route begins.

The 16th actually charge through a square reformed and then charged back through total madness or incredible bravery.

The troopers being rallied.

Guns being returned to the camp.
Claymore tomorrow so will see what is on show hoping that the Iron Brigades mutiny game is on show really enjoyed that one.
New figures next week Gurkha's are being replaced with Mutineer Miniature also Sikh command from Old Glory and British Crimea figures from Great War Miniatures so should have plenty to post.

Best wishes


  1. Wow!! that's a great collection!! I love the photo of the square and the close-up of the lancers! Very cool!!! Cheers for the comment!

  2. Beautiful painting. Well taken photos too.

  3. Great looking shots there. Particularly like the Sikhs, but all good.

  4. have such a wonderfull collection...great!!

  5. Wonderful - green with envy!

    Got to love those Sikhs.