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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

North Africa

Hi guy,s
Holiday over a great two weeks in the portugese sunshine back in  Scotland and the suns shining here too! I had ordered a load of books on the peninsular war for holiday reading but they didn't arrive in time so it was a revisit of the Sikh wars for me which was still some great reading.I took these pics before I left for hols of the WW2  North African collection which has sunshine a plenty also.
British officers in North Africa

Mortar crew shelling the Axis forces holed up in a village.

Confused German and Italians in the village.

Trying to spot where the attacks coming from.

Enemy duly softened up the British begin to advance.

SAS attacking from the rear.

Unsuspecting trooper cops it.

Great collection of figures these from Artizan really like the Italians.

Italian squad rushing to the rear on this occasion to actually fight.

I think I will get a small collection of Abyssnians to go against these after seeing James Morris great game on the lead adventure forum.

Villagers indifferant to the outcome watch from a distance.

All painted by the War Office.
Claymore on Saturday so hope to pick up some goodies then to add to the collection.
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  1. That does look very fun. Gotta love those spectators!

  2. Damn nice collection, Artizan do nice stuff.

  3. All very very nice. Really nice work.