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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Sudan Camel Patrol

Hi guys, once more into the breach!

Wedding anniversary  this week to celebrate I took the wife through to Edinburgh Castle for the Brian Ferry concert she wanted to see.I have to say for a guy who is sixty five he really did put on quite a performance and we had a great day out in the capital.
My wife volunteered to pick up the Kids on our return allowing me time to get a quick Sudan set up for some new shots.
No new figures this week the War Office stuff should arrive tomorrow and the Touching History building haven't arrived yet so no pics of these yet.
On the plus side Josef has completed some of the Greens for the Ottoman/Hungarian collection will post some pics of these soon.

The dawn patrol take off in search of the elusive Osman Dinga.

Arriving at a village the search will begin.

Coming up behind the patrol the Dinga's tribesmen.

Camel corp dismount.

Spread out and search.

Tribes men reach the village whilst the search is in progress.

Osman Dinga not feeling the need to hide from anyone.

The tribesmen dismount and attack.

The Brits with nowhere to go have to stand and fight.

More tribesmen join the fray.

Outside the village the British look for a signal from the patrol.

A hurried message alerting the danger.

just like the movies the cavalry arrive in the nic of time trumpets blaring.

All the figures by Perry Miniatures painted by the War Office.

The tribesmen start to melt away.

Last shot of the week!
 Buildings in these shots by Touching History terrain from TSS and Kallistra.
Best wishes


  1. Great looking figures Willie,l really good pics too!

  2. Lovely minis! The basing is great, what is it please, card?


  3. Lovely figs and a grand little story!!

  4. Nice looking pictures that seem to tell a story!


  5. Great pics, Willie. This is shaping up to be a great collection, too.

    Best wishes


  6. Really nice Willie. Beautiful figures, very nicely painted and a very nice background you have there too.

  7. Fantastic figs and terrain! Very cinematic :-D