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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Mutineer Miniatures

New additions this week more mutiny figures and a couple of battalions of Crimean Russians here are some shots of the mutiny figs.

Havelock and Sir Colin Campbell.

Mr & Mrs Harris.

Civillans are from Mutineer Minis defenders of Lucknow pack.

Painted by the war office.

I think you would get away with using these for various 19th century conflicts.

The figure to the right is another of those Tag Orthdox priests with a slight conversion painted this morning while I was adding the scenics to the bases.

I think most Christians would have been in danger during this conflict so I don't think hes too out of place.

General pack comes with both foot and mounted figures.

Tantia Topi

Again the command come both foot and mounted.

The Rani of  Jansi.
Thats all for now
Best wishes


  1. Superb! I recently saw these on their website and may have to now order them up. Inspirational stuff.

  2. Wonderful photos Willie. Very useful figures for several periods, as you say. Great painting too BTW.

  3. Really nice characters. Like Sir Colin a lot.


  4. Great work, I've got some Mutineer cavalry that needs painting, you may just be the inspiration to get this army started.

  5. Nice figures once again. Brian's figures from MM are all very nice. I like the TAG priest.

  6. really really nice nice pictures great painting