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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Peninsular Collection begins!

If you have visited here before you may have seen that my summer reading was to the Peninsular War missed that opportunity for the holidays so now just getting into it.
After reading rifleman Harris the 95th rifles is to be the first battalion to be done for this collection these are off to Dave Jarvis to paint at present.
I am going to make the Peninsular the main focus of 2012 although I am sure I will dabble in a few others during that year.
The figures shown in these pics were painted by me with a couple of additions from the war office all figures are from Perry's or Foundry.
Perry Minature British plastic figure I bought a box of these and French nice sculpts but for me I think the rest will have to be metal.

This figure is based on a penny with some mini tufts added to bring it to life.

War affects loads of people but its business as usual for these ladies.

These ladies are from the Foundry Western Range.

Another lady painted yesterday from the Foundry Mexican range.

Can't say I have really enjoyed painting the British only managed 5.

This lady looks like she has just found out that the payment for services rendered is actually buttons hammered flat as was the custom of some of the British Soldiers.

Started these a couple of months ago not much left to do to them I have 36 at this stage one day I will get round to finishing these off.
That's all for now.
Best wishes


  1. Patch on soldier's trouser leg is a nice touch.

  2. you are a decent painter, why hire someone to paint? time? to monotonous? thats my problem, in 28mm I can paint a 24 man regt and I'm done for that army for a long time, one of the reasons I have limited myself to Sharpes practice for 28mm, I could never paint a full army, I'm better with 15mm though.

  3. I agree with Dan, these are great and give a real feel to the period. Looking forward to seeing the project grow.

  4. Thanks gents!

    Dan don't have the will to paint large amounts anymore, when I was younger I painted several thousand figures for other people 15mm/25mm prided myself on turning out 2o x 25mm figures per day or 30 Ab 15mm.
    I have to say the quality of my painting has gone down hill quite some since my twentys!
    When you paint that amount they become very simple to paint you know exactly where the brush should land,the eyes aren't what they were back then 44 now.

  5. Very nice Willie. 20 fig's a day!!! I was never that good. Now I am happy if I get 24 done a month.

  6. I don't do many myself now but you never know may get back into it someday!

  7. If I do six figures a week I'm pleased! Looking forward to more from the Peninsula. Toying with doing some myself but then I have been for about forty years! Just started watching my old Sharpe DVDs again, that's the problem!