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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Thursday, 3 May 2012


Hi gents
Tough day at work today so to unwind I did a quick set up and remined myself that there are worst things in life.Hope the pics aren't too dark.

The Spanish were very adept at guerrilla warfare.
Even unluckier the French take revenge from any local near by.
No wonder the Spanish were pitiless to captured French may have used this firing squad myself today at one point!.
These figure painted by Dave Jarvis.
Grave side scene just to show of the Ainsty head stone..
another shot of the Ainsty head stone
Very atmospheric me thinks!
One of the beggar conversions.
Looking forward to Carronade this weekend next post after that.
Best wishes


  1. Interesting theme from beginning to end. Very nice, Willie.

    1. Jay,

      Not a great day for me, not like me to let it get to me. The beauty of the hobbie is that you can lose yourself in the mini which helps keep the sanity!!!

  2. Lovely wee dioramas.

    Whilst the campaigns of Wellington in the Penisular are so well known, it is always useful to remember that a pretty vicious and merciless guerrila war was being fought by the Spanish against the French and which contibuted in no small way to the French defeat. So thanks for reminding us of that Willie

  3. Very atmospheric indeed! It might have been a rotten day, but these are very poignant ‘set ups’. I can’t help but be reminded of the great Goya himself.

  4. Fantastic photos Willie! Made me think of Goya too.

  5. Very true and very well done Willie.

  6. Fantastic pics! Much intensity in the execution squad, I agree with "kingsleypark", it's useful to remember that spanish guerilla had a big role in this war!
    Thanks for sharing your superb work!

  7. A picture tells a thousand words.Great bit of story telling, done through your lens.

  8. Lovely looking minis !!!

    best regards Michael

  9. Great work and a nice story to it.

  10. Thanks for all the comments gents!