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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Sloop & Landing party

Hi gents,

Went to Carronade today which was one very busy show.I forgot to lift the phone before I went so no pics, but I am sure loads will be appearing on other blogs over the week.I was collecting figures from the War Office along with the sloop below have to say I am well pleased with these additions.
I met Dave Jarvis at the show who was there with the Durham Wargames Group who had a great 1812 game on the go 54mm figures and a fort that was huge to go with them.Dave handed over some Perry French he had been working on you can see these in the pics below I in turn handed him some Brigade Spanish for the next batch.
 There didn't seem to be as many traders this year not sure if that's correct or not but the numbers of visitors seemed very steady.So the other additions were more tiles from TSS these are shoreline for the boats a hovels bridge some mastiffs from Warlord.
Now when you send the garrison off the last thing you want to see is?
This appearing in your harbour !
Tony is doing quite a few ships for the collection this was the test ship.
Picked these up from the War Office today also and a fine job they made of them too.
The figures are a mix of Brigade Games and Foundry.
The figures are full of character will also get the French sailors.
All of the sailors are individual .
Also picked these up from Dave Jarvis who was attending the show.

The figures are based for land and sea.
Chap with the straw hat one of my favourites.
More new arrivals through the week so drop by if you get the chance.
Best wishes


  1. Fantastic photos!
    It's a real pleasure...

  2. Superb collection of figures and the photography is wonderful, as always.

  3. Again very nice and characterful stuff. Looking at your posts really feels like reading a short story.

  4. What a bunch of scurvy-dogs you've got there, Sir! Great figures and action shots.

  5. Very nice additions to the collection Willie. Great photos too.

  6. Seeing quality like this I just know I'm going to end up doing this era!!! Thank you, I think ;)

    1. Michael,
      Be careful once you get into this its hard to stop.I was speaking to Peter from the Iron Brigade yesterday he told me he now has 4000+ Napoleonics in his collection from various nations!

  7. Some excellent additions to the collection