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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Venetain ships

Hi gents,

Been landscaping the garden this weekend so not much done by me over the weekend hobby wise.I thought I would show off some of the ships that the War Office did a few months back.We left these with no fixed flags at the moment so they could be used in multi eras.

Now seven of these in my fleet.

Flag is a download from the web painted over by me.

Foundry figures.

I need to give this a Matt varnish to take the shine off the flag.

I am going to add some more ships for  earlier wars.

Phil Olley painted standard bearer.

Another of the downloaded flags

A raft going between the ships.

You can drop the monks into loads of eras I collect.

Good news from James Roach the Italian wars collection is underway.
More Napoleonic from the War Office next week and a big month for the Ottomans with figures being painted by me, the War office and Dave Jarvis.
Back to the garden now!
Best wishes


  1. I hope your garden is not too big and that you will continue to delight us! I really enjoy the ships, the "staging", your beautiful flags, and the picture with the raft...once again, congrats!

  2. Those are gorgeous. I've always admired folks who do naval stuff properly.

    1. Thanks Paul you could do some for the Greek /Persian wars!

  3. Never mind the garden Willie, you're only here once, so spend the time on something proper! I'm the kiss of death to gardens, so I get warned off by the boss. I'm really sad about that!

    Cracking stuff again. One day you're going to have to buy an aircraft hangar to store it all in . . .


    1. CJ the garden is my next passion.I bought a water feature the other day frrom Dobbies.It took three of us to lift it into the car,its not big but very very heavy stone sphere.
      You can imagine the look on my face today when I asked my older brother to help me fit it.I explained it took three oo us to lift it.He looked at it picked it up and held it while I fitted the hose for the water.He does do weights but I still can't quite get my head round it!!!

  4. If only I had the storage space... They look fantastic.

  5. Terrific, Willie. Are you collecting a Turkish fleet for them to fight?

  6. Lovely..what make are the ships?

  7. Thanks for all the comments keeps me going!
    Paul the ships are Ainsty casting!

    I am on the look out for some cogs though!!

  8. Fantastic and inspiring ships and figures. Best, Dean

  9. Nice! Another "You are there" photo naval-journal!!

  10. Beautiful ships there Mr Anderson, who makes them and do they have a website?