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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Convoy ambushed

Hi Gents,
 I visited my Aunt and Uncle in the states last year whom I hadn't seen for quite a few years.My Uncle made the comment " Well William I always remember when I visited your parents house when you were a child we would ask where's William and the answer was always the same he's in his room playing with his soldiers" They moved to the states 31 years ago and were delighted to hear that nothing has changed! Here's some pics for your perusal!

A French Perry waggon
Some guerrillas and British Lights in the hills
Armed priest from the Perry Carlist range
The 95th are one of my all time Favourite's I think you can tell by the number of pics
The French give some back.

I painted two of the Perry waggon's this week but the drivers have been sent to Dave to paint!

The Scots join the fry.

The Garde De Paris used to this sort of thing fire away.I had posted some pics of theses some time ago on the TMP forum and was surprised by the response.A few made the comment that the uniform was incorrect I have to say the red would fling a some into confusion.But with the wonder that is goggle you can see the Uniform is correct with one battalion having this uniform and the other the reverse facings coats so no need for a redo!
That's it for now
Best wishes


  1. Willie, your pictures tell a great story and the figures and terrain are superb. Now get back up in your room.

  2. Great stuff..but where´s Assumpta Serna? :-D

  3. Lovely Pictures as allways !!!!

    Keep em commingg:)

    Best regards Michael

  4. Another fine picture story!

  5. Excellent play by play montage. Love all of your work and Peninsula particularly. Good to see those Paris Guards getting some combat experience too. Warm Regards, Dean

    P.S. I get the same reaction from my relatives. They are not the least surprised to see I still play with toy soldiers too. They usually comment, "Yep, that's Dean."

  6. Wonderful stuff Willie, always a treat visiting here.

  7. Great pics, there's nothing wrong with playing with toy soldiers......

  8. The care taken in the photos is always great when we visit your blog, it's always a pleasure!

  9. Will more outstanding images and figures, fantastic work

  10. Beautiful work here. The brushwork is superb, the dios perfect and the photography first-rate.

  11. Another godly presentation. Please keep them coming Will!

  12. This really tells a story! Wonderfull work on the figures and wagons!


  13. Once again thanks for all the comments!!

  14. Hi, Willy!

    Just wanted to mention I finally tracked down the Perry Napoleonic French "Retreat from Moscow" packs you mentioned on my blog some time ago, and YES, they will be ABSOLUTELY PERFECT to provide conversion bodies to match with Perry Carlist British Auxiliary Legion heads for my "Bala Hissar or Bust!" game set during the Winter of 1841-1842 in Kabul, during the First Afghan War -- and I'm confident they'll fit together well since they're from the same sculptor and company! So THANKS VERY MUCH for the first to point them out to me!

  15. Ethan

    I am really looking forward to seeing your conversions I think they will look fantastic!