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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Friday, 25 January 2013

French Marines

Hi folks,
Some new additions to my collection today this time beautifully painted by Dave Jarvis.I am at the football tomorrow weather permitting so thought I would post a few pics tonight of these marines and a few other bits and pieces as I wont get a chance tomorrow.You may remember I painted some Perry French waggons a few weeks back the canopy's were sent to Dave along with the drivers so here are a few pics of these also.
I had an email from James Roach this morning to say that he had posted the first of my Italian wars stuff so again weather permitting these should arrive tomorrow I will try to get a few shots of these Sunday.
Waggons full of supplies.

The Marines disembark.

On the ship.

Perry waggon driver with change of head,

And the original,

A bit of maintenance on the horse.

Dave did a neat job of the eagle,

Last shot for now.
Best wishes


  1. I can hear the shouts of the ship crew, the slap of water on the sides of the ship, the orders being shouted by an officer and the stomp of black boots of the troopers, the creaking and squeaking of the wagons, and the snorting of the horses. Another scene masterfully filmed by the Master Blogtographer... Willie Anderson!

  2. What a treat for the weekend, many thanks for saving.

  3. Hi Willie,
    It's always a great pleasure to look at your beautiful pictures...another great, great work, especially for me the second and third ones...better and better!

  4. Great images and beautiful miniatures.


  5. Well, that setting deserves a 'holy crap man!'

    I am deeply impressed.

  6. Using the ship for the backdrop is wonderful and the dark blue on those marines is superb. Great work Willie.

  7. Quite entrancing! Cinematic in quality.

  8. Truly amazing work - the emblem on the wagon cover is great; that ship is truly awe-inspiring too. Best, Dean

  9. Great stuff, Willie. Superb photos and lovely figures. I must get some wagons..

    Best wishes


  10. Stunning pictures of stunning terrain and minia Willie !!!

    best regards Michael