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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Napoleonic rekindled

 My niece came to visit yesterday with her 3 year old son, it was a nice sunny day so he played out in the garden, I remembered that I had some of my sons old toys in the summer house so we had a look and came out with a load of figures for the wee man to play with. These were a mixed bag of knights pirates and a few others, amazingly the wee man picked out a French Grenadier of the Guard and stated that this figure was Napoleonic! his Granddad was Napoleonic mad. He left the house clutching the bag of figures looking quite pleased with his new collection.

 His Granddad called me this afternoon to say that both he and the wee man played away in the garden with the figures last night, this in turn has rekindled his interest in war games figures which is great.I will be returning to Napoleonic's later this year in the meantime I thought I would get a few figures out and post a few pics.

Brigade games Spanish.

All painted by Dave Jarvis

I did paint the wagons and horses though.

Perry Chasseurs'.

The 95th rifles was the first unit Dave painted for me.

A couple of conversions

Close up of the guerrillas
More pics soon
Best wishes


  1. Wonderful pictures and minis, as always! My favourites are the guerillas and the waggon...

  2. always a treat to the eye



  3. lovely as ever. I have this deep-rooted feeling that Napoleonics are the ONLY true period for wargaming. This was engendered into me by my father who bought me my first Airfix Highlanders and Cuirassiers when I was about ten. Good to see this cross-generational fascination being passed on!

  4. Great looking fig's there Willie! Like the garden story too!!

  5. Great looking troops - the Brigade Games Spanish look very nice.