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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Peter De Druex

Hi Gents,

Latest arrivals at the collection some more lay knights in the form of Peter de Druex Amaury de Monfort and a host of others who made the journey to the holy land. All again painted by the very talented Dave Jarvis.I have to say Dave's painting just gets better and better with each batch.Been really busy at work lately so not had much of a chance to get posting but the collection continues to grow at a pace.

Peter de Druex I used a Mirliton figure for this. I was lucky enough to visit the Metropolitan Museum in New York a couple of years ago and saw Peters sword pommel in the flesh apparently he lost it on Crusade and it reappeared in a Damascus bazaar some time ago .

Peters retinue in action.

Amaury de Monfortand retinue

Aneslme de Cayeux

New Templar's from last months batch I want the Military orders to be 24 figures each unit so still a couple to add.

Renaud de Montmirail

Peter de Druex and Guillaume de St Omer

Guillaume de Garlande takes a couple of arrows

Amaury de Monfortand

Renaud de Montmirail takes on a Saracen
By changing the horses and changing the shields the Perry Templar are really transformed.
Still loads to show from this months batch but will save them for another time thanks for stopping by


  1. Wow - these are beauties! They just ooze character.


  2. So many beautiful characters, love them, especially the heraldy of Peter de Druex Amaury de Monfort...

  3. Some really great new miniatures for you collection, nice to see.

  4. Fine addition. The checkered pattern, particularly en masse, is quite stunning.

  5. Wonderful stuff as always, Willie! Not sure if you'll be happy about this or not, but please take it in the joyful spirit with which it is given... I'm hereby nominating you for a LIEBSTER award. Not sure if you've ever gotten one before, though I expect you probably have, but you can read more about this one over at my blog. If for any reason you don't want to go through the motions "officially" required, no harm whatsoever as you and your blog are already winners in my book and one of my "go-to" destinations in the blogosphere!

  6. Thanks Guys

    Ethan thanks for the nomination Gary Amos previously nominated this blog but I will have to pass for now as time is against me to do what is required for acceptance at present. Really pleased you like the blog enough to nominate it and one day when time permits I will hopefully do what is required.

    Best wishes