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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Sunday, 6 July 2014

The Host

Hi Gents

A couple of the guys over at the Lead Adventure forum had said it was about time for a group shot of the knight.s I did have a go but couldn't quite get it even three deep.The Knights are numbering just under 100 mtd at present.

I tried to get them all in  here but the Templar s and Hospitallers didn't all get in some more pics of these below.

Here are some more shots of the foot.

Still more of these with Dave.

Games workshop tower I have been trying to get another two of these from E bay but always seem to just miss out.
The lay knights are quite a sight to behold.

These knights are just off to the right in the main pic.

I have loads of foot but still a lot to do for the right balance.

The Saracens haven't really been started yet but if these two are anything to go by they will look fantastic.

Templar's just out of shot on the left of the main pic

I have resigned myself that it will take a while to complete this collection  but I will enjoy the journey none the less the hard part is not being distracted by another period in time.

Thanks for stopping by


  1. Beautiful. Love those foot knights on the wall. So very atmospheric! You have one envious collection.


  2. Beautiful pictures and really nice pieces!

  3. Now that is something to behold; stunning!

  4. Dazzling array - splendidly photographed too!

  5. Impressive display of knights. Another fine 1950's Hollywood production of daytime knights in action, Willie!

  6. Great collection Willie.

    I would be in front of those knights.

  7. Very impressive, great photos. Look forward to. Seeing the collection build.

  8. Fantastic pictures and a really impressive army. My compliments!

  9. Stunning !!!!

    Love to see your pictures!

  10. Absolutely fantastic looking figures and game...very very nice

  11. Impressive is the word here! Thanks for sharing!


  12. Wonderful collection of figures.