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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Hungarian Collection

Hi guys,

Problems with the Pc usb ports which has prevented new pics of late so thought I would update on the sculpting front.These are now starting to take shape with the Hungarian knights almost done by Josef Ochmann.
Josef starts with preliminary scketchs these sculpts these are for the foot.

Dollies for this collection look a bit rough at this stage but really come together later.

Green stuff applied to the dollies.

The knights have been done with separate heads and arms for maximun varity in poses.

These will be off to be moulded shortly and then off to the painter to finish then off.
New additions to the collection this week more Spanish buildings  more Landsknechts some Samurai a huge amount of Italian wars figures these now to be sent to James for colouring in and some napoleonics painted by me! pics of all of these once the Pc is up and running again properly.
Best wishes


  1. Multi part is the future for sure.
    The one thing i think would be a great idea is if the horses came with seperate saddles and reins, it wouldn´t be impossible and would give even more alternatives

  2. I reckon they will be metal cast, Paul. Looking good!

    Did you commission them, Willie?

  3. Metal figures Paul BRB commissioned by me but not a commercail venture at this time.

    The commission is to include Wallachains Serbians Byzantines and of course Ottomans for the wars of the first half of the 15th century!

    Won't be a quick project (Josef is doing these in his spare time) but will be good to watch this grow over the coming years.

  4. Wow, commissioning your own range! Great stuff.

  5. Looking good and very interesting. A good range of figures there, and Hungarians are a good choice to start with.