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Battle of Aliwal 1846

Battle of Aliwal 1846
By Michael Perry

Friday, 9 September 2011

Pike Blocks

Hi guys,
No excuses for posting more pics of the Italian wars collection, the buildings from Touching History arrived today so on arriving back from work made this quick set up before dinner.
My interest in the Italian wars goes back to when I was around 10 one of my sister's bought me a book called Fighting Men by Henry Treece for Christmas.The book really captured my imagination and covered warfare from the Chariot era to pike and shot.
The chapter on the pike and shot was most interesting with a fictional encounter between a Spaniard a German and Machiavelli,they discuss the pike v sword & buckler with Machiavelli routing for the sword & buckler he soon changes his mind when the first pikes start to impale the Spanish who cannot reach them with their short swords.
I still have the book in my library although very dogeared now!

Pike blocks about to clash!

The buildings are the new arrivals from Touching History.

The Flags really set off this collection.

The black band in pay of the French!

Paul adds some great touches like this little balcony.

Thought I would give Machiavelli idea a go this time the pike is at the disadvantage as the S&B slip under the pikes.

Imperial knights.

I spent last night trawling the web for some pics of this collection as I was sure I had seen more of it elsewhere I seem to remember seeing some by Dave Imrie on the League of Augsburg site but sadly they seem to have been removed.

Really like the Foundry advancing pike men.

I am going to add to these vignette's over the weekend as I had a delivery of some Redoubt figures today the sets are landsknechts playing cards, enrolling for service and drinking to fallen comrades,I will spray these tonight and get some paint on them tomorrow all being well.

Another vingette.

Pike blocks are very difficult to photograph as I found out tonight but this shot captures the action well I think.
Good news on the figure front Tag just sent an email saying my Spanish/Italians have been dispatched today so should be here next week.
That's all for now if you ever get a chance to read Fighting Men I would recommend it!
Best Wishes


  1. I'm Extremely jealous! Beautiful figures, beautiful buildings!!!

  2. Impressive pikes and very bloody intimidating.

    Love the knights too.


  3. All very nice. No excuses needed, nice eye candy.

  4. Those are gorgeous. Never got into the Renaissance myself, and seeing pictures like these weakens my resolve...

  5. Beautiful figures and building look awesome Willie.

  6. Great photos, I love the new buildings

  7. There seems no end to your collection. Great blog and these pictures are simply awesome.

  8. very very nice great pictures

  9. Not my period but beautiful painting and your work

  10. Really great photos! Love them!